Korssting, ArtPark, Gæsteatelier Hollufgård, Denmark. Korssting, a 6 metre curtain located at a broken section of the forest, punctured by a row of dead trees and the bellow of the motorway. The curtain articulates the form of the wind like a colossal sail brokering the mood of the surrounding forest. The translation of the hand sewn text reads, “The one who stays silent, gives consent”, taken from a sampler given to the artist whilst in Denmark. The gift of this object represents being present, not staying silent. The needlework using the dimensions of the billboard is a subtle act of defiance, re-appropriating this decorative motif to question our relation to nature. The text gently disrupts the noise of the road, leaving its residue of words, embroidered in the minds of those who read it. | 2017 |