Whilst artist in residence at Gæsteatelier Hollufgård, Denmark in June 2017, I made two new works for the ArtPark, in situ for one year until 2018. One of the works Checkpoint is placed on the border of Glisholme Forest and the E20 a super highway linking Fyn with Jutland and Sjaelland . The sculpture has an inside space, is a portal with two viewpoints, of the forest and the road; sited to reflect upon the deafening hum of the motorway. Designed for a person to stand inside, sketches of objects from the immediate area are pinned to the walls. It transfers the dilemma of the road onto the artwork and the paradox of this place. Close to Checkpoint, is another work, Korssting, a 6 metre curtain located at a broken section of the forest, punctured by a row of dead trees and the bellow of the motorway. The curtain articulates the form of the wind like a colossal sail brokering the mood of the surrounding forest.  The translation of the hand sewn text reads, “The one who stays silent, gives consent”, taken from a sampler given to me whilst in Denmark.


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